submitted abstracts:
Azerbaijan 1   Luxembourg 1
Bulgaria 1 Macedonia 3
Canada 4 Norway 2
Croatia 19 Poland 15
Czech Republic 2 Russian Federation 11
Denmark 1 Serbia 2
Finland 2 Slovenia 2
France 1 Spain 2
Germany 6 Sweden 5
Hungary 1 Switzerland 2
Israel 2 The Netherlands 1
Italy 1 Ukraine 3
Japan 1 USA 12

Accepted abstracts: 72

Deadlines were:
Abstract submission: 5st of June 2009
Acceptance notification: 15th of June 2009

Abstracts had to be submitted in English.
If you do not wish to present in English, but rather in Croatian, or exceptionally in Russian, please do emphasize this in the registration!

One-page abstracts (ca. 300 words, not counting title and bibliography) without the name of authors. The authors names and affiliation, as well as the contact email address had to be provided when registering the abstract online. The abstract was submitted in Word (please no .docx format), PDF, OpenOffice, or Text-Only format to the SLS EasyAbs page at LinguistList:

latest by June 5th, 2009. Please make sure that any types of graphics and fonts are readable on common computer types without special installation or adaptation (PDF should display all fonts and graphics correctly).

Questions about the conference may be directed to the conference address.

Acceptance notifications will be sent to the email address of the first author.