The preliminary program as a PDF file.

Remark: Depending on the budget situation, the excursion to the island Kornat will most likely require an additional participation (i.e. it is not covered by the conference fee, in particular not the lunch served on board). How much the participation cost will be, we will be able to tell the participants after we negotiate the best possible price and scenario.

3rd of September 2009
from 10:00 Registration
12:45 Opening
13:00 Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Greville Corbett - Non-canonical feature specifications in Slavonic and Baltic
coffee break
Session A: Anton Zimmerling - Aggressive pro-drop and the specificity of the 3rd person in Slavic languages
Session B: Luka Szucsich - Multiple AGREE and Case Licensing: Structural Case on Adverbials
Session A: Olga Dubchak - Functionally-pragmatic realization of the category “definiteness/indefiniteness” in Ukrainian language
Session B: Zsuzsanna Barkanyi - Are there sonority reversal clusters in Slovak?
Session A: Emilija Crvenkovska - Definite article in Macedonian – second language acquisition perspective
Session B: Malgorzata Ćavar, Antonio Oštarić - Sibilant inventory and the realization of vowels: A study of the dialects of Pag
coffee break
Session A: Annamária Bene - Is the Serbian bare NP really bare?
Session A: Barbara Sonnenhauser - The Macedonian 'tripartite article': a discourse-pragmatic account
Session B: Adam Przepiorkowski, Rafał Górski, Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Marek Łaziński - Towards the National Corpus of Polish
Session A: Paweł Rutkowski - Let's Talk about Postnominal Adjectives!
19:00 Reception in the Restaurant Barbakan (Citadela within the University building complex)

4th of September 2009

09:00 Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr. Milan Mihajlević – Verba Dicendi in Croatian Church Slavonic
coffee break
Session A: Helen Trugman - Unorthodox adjectival modification in Russian NPs
Session B: Dylan Glynn, Gabrijela Buljan - Usage-Based Grammatical Semantics: The semasiological structure of Croatian verbal prefix iz-
Session A: Gilbert Rappaport - The 'Orphan Accusative' in Slovene: Grammatical features lexicalized
Session B: Agnieszka Będkowska-Kopczyk - Emotions: between sensations and thoughts. About categorization of emotions in Polish and Slovene
coffee break
Session A: Igor Mel'cuk, Jasmina Miličević - “Budalo jedna!”-type construction in contemporary Serbian
Session B: Tore Nesset - Arbitrary or Motivated? Aspectual Prefixes and Russian Verbs of Perception
Session A: Philip Dudchuk, Serge Minor, Ekaterina Pshehotskaya - Constraining Russian Anticausatives
Session B: Elena Petroska - Interaction between Some Lexical Markers of Evidentiality and the Grammatical Evidentials in Macedonian
12:15 SLS business meeting
lunch break
Session A: Branka Drljača Margić, Anita Memišević - Impact of English on Croatian prepositional structures
Session B: Maria Ovsyannikova - Grammaticalization properties of Russian primary prepositions
Session A: Radek Čech - Ditransitive verbs in spoken and written Czech
Session B: Marijana Kresić - Modal Particles in Croatian? A contrastive description of their meaning and function
Session A: Stanislava-Stasha Tofoska - Verbs expressing telic aspectual configuration in Macedonian
Session B: Dorota Gorzycka - Polish and English diminutives – a contrastive study
coffee break
Session A: Petr Biskup - Decomposing PPs and Case
Session B: Goran Tanacković Faletar, Branimir Belaj - The conceptual-semantic basis of grammatical relations: the case of the Croatian predicate Instrumental
Session A: Jane Hacking - The production of palatalized and unpalatalized consonants in Russian by advanced American learners
Session B: Wojciech Lewandowski - About the directional meaning of locative phrases in Polish
Session A: Alya Asarina - Gender and Adjective Agreement in Russian
Session B: Bozena Cetnarowska, Agnieszka Pysz, Helen Trugman - Genitives and Classificatory Adjectives as Typing Attributes

5th of September 2009
Session A: Jure Zupan - A New Concept for a Network Dictionary of Meanings in Slovenian Language
Session B: Uwe Junghanns, Doro Fehrmann, Denisa Lenertová - Versatile morphosyntax: Reflexive forms cross-Slavic
Session A: Jasna Belc - Systemic Subject-Verb Inversion in Romance (Western) and Slovene
Session B: Katarzyna Janic - Typology of antipassive constructions in Slavonic languages
Session A: Wojciech Lewandowski - A corpus-based analysis of the locative alternation in Polish and Spanish
coffee break
Session A: Steven Franks - Pronominal Clitics as Agreement in East Balkan Slavic
Session B: Irena Srdanović - Learning from Corpora: About Most Frequent Differences between Contemporary Serbian and Croatian
Session A: Natalia Kondrashova, Radek Šimík - Resolving a semantic puzzle: ne-wh Items in Russian
Session B: Helena Leheckova - Slavic Languages in the Brain
12:00-20:00 Excursion with a ship

6th of September 2009
09:00 Keynote speaker: Prof.Dr. Laura Janda – A Curious Case of Allomorphy: Russian Verbs Meaning 'Do It Once'
coffee break

Session A: Anna Pazelskaya - Arguments of Russian deverbal nominals: a corpus study
Session B: Wayles Browne - Are languages named after people or places?
Session A: Matea Birtić, Damir Ćavar - Empirical evidence for the functional determiner projection in Croatian
Session B: Ivan Ivanov, Roumyana Slabakova - Topic-marking clitic-doubling and its L2 acquisition
coffee break
Session A: Anita Peti-Stantić - Clitic Positioning in Croatian and Functional Sentence Perspective
Session B: Pavel Petrukhin - The Old Russian periphrastic form bjaše xodja: origins, semantics, and use
Session A: Tomislav Frleta, Damir Ćavar - Frequency correlations in processing, familiarity, and language usage data of clitics in Croatian
Session B: Ilya Itkin, Maria Tagabileva - Suffix of nomina actionis *-ьb(a) in the Proto-Slavic Language
Session A: Adam Przepiórkowski, Grzegorz Murzynowski - Manual annotation of the National Corpus of Polish with Anotatornia
Session B: Remy Viredaz - Two unrecognized vowel phonemes in Proto-Slavic: On Auslautgesetze in North Russian vs. the rest of Slavic
lunch break
Session A: Sylwester Jaworski - Patterns of vowel reduction in Russian
Session B: Vedran Žužak - Croatian Dialects Abroad
Session A: Eugenia Antić - Relative frequency effects in Russian morphology
Session B: Adam Przepiórkowski - Towards the automatic construction of a valence dictionary of Polish
Session A: Elena Kulinich, Luc Baronian - Russian defective verbs: synchrony or diachrony?
Session B: Dunja Brozović Rončević, Siniša Runjaić - The Croatian Language Corpus as the basis for the analysis of the impact of changes on the shaping of the Croatian Standard language
Session A: Sergei Tatevosov, Xenia Kisseleva - Superlexicals and structure of verb stems in Russian
16:30 Closing remarks
19:00 Reception