We issue participation certificates that contain information about the time invested in courses, the content of the courses, details and contact address of the instructors. This certificate can be used for diploma supplements and ECTS credits. Consult with your administration and the responsible ECTS representatives to see whether this will give you credits, and what else might be needed to get the participation at the summer school recognized.

Please register for the summer school via email. Send us the following information:
  • Personal data: name and address, and your email address
  • Information about your affiliation, program of studies, research project
to the email address of the summer school (cls2010 AT ...), see the Contact link below. The formal registration will be organized at the summer school, as well as the conference fee payment of max. 100 Euro (this is for both weeks, includes all courses, and all academic events).
If you would like to make reservations for the students dormitory, we also need to know the days of arrival and departure.
Please join the Google group, if you want to receive news via email or contact the organizers and other participants.
There is no registration deadline. We would nevertheless appreciate an early registration to be able to prepare the course and conference materials well in time. Please register as soon as possible, ideally before the 15th of July 2010, in particular, if you plan to make reservations for the students dorm!

Health insurance
Some national and private health insurances cooperate and are recognized by the Croatian health care system. Please contact your health insurance and ask for insurance certificates for Croatia, in order to benefit from cash-less health care services.

Besides local computer labs and facilities, the University of Zadar offers campus wide access to the eduroam WLAN service, which presupposes a valid AAI@Edu account from a higher education or research institution. Otherwise, local internet access facilities will be provided, and there are various hotspots and internet cafes in the area around the University.
We encourage participants to use their own personal computers (e.g. laptops and NetBooks for class purposes and presentations).

While there are plenty of restaurants in close range to the University, offering meals in various price ranges, we also offer the possibility to register for meals at the University canteen.