Excursion on Sunday?

Is anybody interested in an excursion to Nin on Sunday (beach and old town)? There are busses and maybe some carpool for that.

Book catalogues with rebate

We placed book catalogues at the registration desk. There is a 25% rebate on each order for CLS2010 participants.

Excursion to the Kornati islands on Sunday the 22nd of August

On Sunday the 22nd of August we will go with a ship on an excursion, all teachers and participants are invited to join us. The ship starts at 8 AM in the morning from the pedestrian bridge to the peninsula at the cafe Branimir (everybody you ask should know where this is). The name of the ship is “Barba Ive”, blue color, and the price per person is 200 HRK, which includes food and drinks on the ship. If you want to join us, let us know, so that we can inform the captain about the approximate number of participants. This is not an official summer school event, just a private excursion with the summer school participants.

Film Forum Zadar

From the 24th to the 29th of August every evening a movie will be projected at different locations, open air at the Donat, etc. Free entrance. Search for Film Forum Zadar for a schedule, or see here:


We did not yet find a detailed schedule and program.

Workshop presentations

The accepted papers for the workshop are published on the workshop pages. The final schedule will be announced soon.