I developed many Python and NLP, CL, ML teaching material as iPython notebooks for jupyter. They will all be linked here eventually, here are some examples:

  • Intro to Part-of-Speech Tagging (zip, jupyter nbviewer, Anaconda Cloud Notebook)
  • Intro to Hidden Markov Models (zip, jupyter nbviewer, Anaconda Cloud Notebook)
  • Intro to the Forward Algorithm (zip, jupyter nbviewer)
  • Intro to the Backward Algorithm (zip, jupyter nbviewer)

I was porting some Finite State algorithms to Python 3 for some more or less functional FST-lib for Weighted Finite State Transducers in native Python, and code generation to C for example. I will place the code on GitHub: Project PyFST

Here is some of the material from my Python classes and developments. Some of it is from the late 90s, so it might be outdated, and not really working in Python 3.x. Some of the Python examples and tutorials (slides and instruction handouts) for corpus, data and language processing are adapted to Python 3.